Line Up

Designer: Danilo Fedeli



LINE-UP is a series of fixed tables characterised by their rectangular shape and commanding proportions that give them a rigorous, sculptural appearance.

The aesthetic of LINE-UP is defined by the steel supporting structure, the style of which is a direct result of the technology used in its creation. The four legs with an upside down U design are set onto the thickness of the table with a precise mitred angle.

The tabletop is made from a technical material with a double layer of aluminium laminate that guarantees high-performance up to the dimensions of 300 cm.

Its exceptional scratch resistance and resistance to high temperatures allow LINE-UP to play a central role in both residential and work spaces.

The finished, bevelled top overhangs the supporting structure, giving the design an airy appearance.

The tabletops are available in various finishes and in different colourways to meet the highest number of requirements.

The collection is enhanced by an addition of LINE occasional tables that, while reproportioned in size, maintain the same look, materials and finish.

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