Designer: Eero Saarinen

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The chair represents the peak of Saarinen’s research on «organic furniture» started in the early forties with the exhibition of the «organic design in home furnishing collection», a competition announced by MOMA, in which Saarinen participated with Charles Eames. Saarinen aimed at two targets: on one side he meant to bring formal order back to the inside of what the author considered the «sea of legs» within the inhabited space; «the framework bases of chairs and tables present in a typical interior produce an unpleasant, confused and restless atmosphere. I wanted to clear it of the sea of legs. I wanted the chairs to be a sole object again. All the greatest objects of the past, from the chair of Tutankamen to that of Thomas Chippendale have always been characterized by a structural «unicum»; on the other side Saarinen wanted to give formal and constructive unicity back to the product. «With all our excitation for frames in plywood and plastic, we have lost part of this organicity. The way in which today it is realized, the «pedestal furniture» is made of half plastic and half metal. In perspective, I am watching at the moment in which the plastic industry will reach such a level to let the chair, like planned, be realized in a single material «.

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