Change is the modular sofa produced by Matrix International which offers the chance to compose the desired number of seats. It takes different shapes according to necessity: by a simple movement, it can be turned into a curved or a straight sofa to satisfy different needs of conversation. Change is a “democratic” project leaving the opportunity to everyone to choose the degree of sharing space.

According to Matrix International Change proposes a new idea of ​​flexibility. The seating is modular and is composed by assembling the required number of basic modules which can be arranged in a straight line or curved on either side, thanks to simple movements. It is extremely easy to change its shape, so that it can be used in an exceptionally versatile way. It is possible to have a cosy seat to foster conversation; a linear seat as in a traditional sofa or even promote the privacy of each seat to gain more confidence among people using it, such as in a public space. The big back adds further possibilities of defining the seating space.

Change is the outcome of the research on “Environmental and Ergonomic Quality for the Competitiveness of Padded Furniture in Tuscany”, a project financed by Regione Toscana coordinated by Centro Sperimentale del Mobile e dell’Arredamento in cooperation with the University of Florence.

CHANGE SOFA 5 From € 11.857,00

CHANGE SOFA 7 From € 16.260,00

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