Sogno is a new collection of upholstered seats designed by DIDA Dipartimento di Architettura dell’Università di Firenze and produced by Matrix International. Sogno glances toward the future; it looks to the ways in which a society characterized by different lifestyles express itself in the interiors, and led to the design of a seating system with flexible composition.

The system provides a variety of seating postures which are obtained thanks to a mechanism concealed in the structure: the seat varies from being a super-accessorized couch to becoming a linear, generous day bed where the seat cushion becomes, being reversible, more comfortable.

Sogno encourages the user to assume different postures and adapts itself to the need of personalization, sharing, and comfort. We seat on Sogno in an unconventional way for reading, talking, surfing over the Internet, playing, sleeping and above all for dreaming.

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