Matrix renews its partnership with Simone Guidarelli for the Milan Design Week 2023 from April 17th to 23rd, from 10 am to 8 pm at Macha Café in Via Savona 25, Milan.

A journey into an idyllic world where Simone Guidarelli Home patterns meet wall design and furnishing elements.

The project 2023 – VOLEURS DE FLEURS – includes the Jardin Marrakech poufs, the SA36 and SA46 poufs and the new Love Bench.

Matrix also participated in the restyling of the place with a custom-made upholstery work of the new diners chosen by the client with his own architectural studio.

LOVE BENCH is inspired by an era in perfect contrast with the abundance expressed by the patterns of Simone Guidarelli Home – the Bauhaus – and the Damask pattern is the perfect breaking point, the „disturbing“ element, which transforms an immediately recognizable piece of furniture for shape and style into something totally new, captivating and extremely multifaceted in use.

We are waiting for you to discover it and share the fun and relaxed atmosphere of Macha Café where design meets a healthy lifestyle to recharge your energies, in an entirely Made in Italy context despite the different contaminations of styles and origins.