The table BR19 designed in 1928 by Marcel Breuer and produced by Matrix International is still in fashion. The legs are made of chromed steel tube and the table top comes in wood or glass-finished and coated on the undersurface. This release is the only one currently in production.

Designed in 1928, this table was added to the Thonet catalogue with the code B14. A larger version, made in Berlin in 1930, can be seen in a photograph of the interior of Boroschek’s apartment and in the Lewin house’s studio. The table was used several times in Harnischmacher’s house, Wiesbaden, in 1932.  In this case, however, it can be seen how mass-production had required some simplifications, such as the joint of the corner, to the great disadvantage of the only formally relevant element, namely the correspondence between the collar joint of the leg and the top. The table was distributed in Switzerland by theWohnbedarf firm, and appeared together with “Cesca” chairs in some displays in the Zurich showroom in 1932, 1933 and 1936.

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