Designer: Danilo Fedeli



Inside is the new collection of modular sofas from Matrix.

This multifaceted project is capable of meeting any composition and style requirement.

The structure of the supporting base is made of extruded aluminium which supports the backrest elements that may be freely configured along with the various types of armrests. The single-block seat consists of three different layers of foam of different densities to guarantee the utmost comfort and resistance to deformation.

The upholstery, offered in an extensive choice of colours and variants, defines the volumes of INSIDE with the sophistication of bespoke tailoring.

The INSIDE collection is the result of extensive research into proportions, where the volumes of the backrests and cushions are positioned with a typically graphic sequence.

Armrests are available both in padded and metallic versions, with the addition of an item storage insert to guarantee complete comfort and convenience during your moments of relaxation.

The Inside collection is a green project that respects the environment.

Every component can be easily disassembled and recycled.

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