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Design Week 2016


On the occasion of the 2016 edition of Salone Internazionale del Mobile, Matrix International presents two new projects designed by Paolo Portoghesi at the Galleria Fragile in Milan. The tables SINAPSI and INTRECCIO will become part of the 2016 collection of the Tuscan company, which hosts already some among the most renowned Italian and International designers’ projects.

Design Week 2016

SINAPSI and INTRECCIO: a synthesis of material, form and technology

INTRECCIO table (Ø cm 120 – 137,  H. cm 72)  with cast iron base, birch legs and Calacatta marble or glass top (Ø cm 120-140), re-proposes the crisscrossed arches theme that Portoghesi used both designing the candlesticks for Officina Alessi in 1988 and the prayer hall of the Great Mosque in Rome, built from 1975 to 1995. In the table designed for Matrix International eight limbs are assembled asymmetrically and intertwined in the middle, thus creating a dynamic composition. The middle-emptied cast iron base enhances the organic forms of the table, which overall sense of grounding is strengthened by its bed-mould edge.


“Intreccio table expresses a wish to generate a form by building upon the constructive and formal potentialities of the three materials used. The porosity of cast iron at the base, the light and vaporous surface of birch, the glossiness of marble and glass, and the arboreal inspiration that rules the composition, aiming to relate the earth and sky, as in a tree” 

(Paolo Portoghesi)

SINAPSI table (cm 85x225 H. cm 72) is an elegant variation on the table made of side frames connected by a rail. This typology spread after the rise of metal profiles and made iconic by Le Corbusier, in 1928, with its “tube d’avion” table.


The table idea rises from the high regard towards the table by Le Corbusier and from the question that Portoghesi addresses to himself:

Which changes interveened since Corbù designed this table? My answer is that the way we see and feel the world is changed. Corbù remains faithful to the Cartesian world that is based upon the architectural metaphor: the knowledge needs foundations and parts to be added on them, one above the other like bricks. Today we know that life is similar to a network; there are no hierarchies, and every node contains another possible network; science abandoned the architectural metaphor and uses successfully the model of the brain which is a network of synapses. The table takes its shape from this consideration and  represents, with its two nodes, a network’s fragment, made by Matrix with "willful and intended rigor" as taught by Leonardo”.

(Paolo Portoghesi)


Introduction and Vernissage:
Thursday,  14th April 2016 from 6.30 pm
At Fragile Gallery, via San Damiano 2 – Milano

Opening hours:  April 11th -17th
from 10.30 am to 8 pm