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The Intreccio table designed by Paolo Portoghesi for Matrix International “…aims at generating a form by building upon the constructive and formal potentialities of the three materials used: the porosity of cast iron at the base, the light and vaporous surface of birch, the glossiness of marble and glass. The arboreal inspiration acts as a catalyst and rules the composition by connecting the earth to the sky, as in a tree”

Eight limbs are assembled asymmetrically and intertwined in the middle, thus creating a dynamic composition. The middle-emptied cast iron base  enhances the organic forms of the table, which overall sense of grounding is strengthened by its bed-mould edge.


Table with cast natural or various colors lacquered iron base. Legs in birch plywood. Marble top, wood or glass.




Ø 120-137 | H 72 cm.

Designer lounge