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KD04 Korr_bianca.jpg Korr_rossa.jpg KD_04.jpg KD_03.jpg KD_05.jpg

The chair KD04, designed by Donald Knorr and produced by Matrix International, won the first prize ex aequo in the competition held by MoMA in 1948, for the design of low-cost furniture. Thanks to the harmony of its form and the pureness of its style, this chair has continued to exercise its influence on modern and contemporary design.

A plain sheet metal creates a unique seat. Solid and friendly, this chair is available in a wide range of colors and is perfectly suited for both residential and commercial premises.

Chair in curved steel and drawn steel wire legs; available in a various colors.

The lacquered frame gives vitality to the product and a simple felt cushion makes it warm and comfortable.

KD04_sf1.jpg KD04_sf2.jpg