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Company profile


Matrix and Design: an indissoluble bond over time.

Company profile

The production of Matrix International has been developed onto the essential criterion of excellence: in the choice of materials - metal, wood, leather and fabrics - and in the expert craftsmanship, to ensure the highest quality and durability. And above all, onto the excellence and uniqueness of the project, to be aligned with the rapid evolution of taste, style and contemporary living habits.
Whether it's a comfortable seat for the living room or the dining area, a table around which to celebrate the rituals of conviviality, or a complement which makes everyday practices easier and more pleasant - the collection ranges from the bookcase to the umbrella stand, from the bench to the ashtray - for Matrix the starting point is always the design research.
The outcome of this philosophy is a well-balanced coexistence of two collections, different in style but absolutely coincident in their aims.
The first, Codici, which marked the beginning of the company’s activity, collects pieces of outstanding figures of the Design of the XXth century: Eero Saarinen, Marcel Breuer, Mies Van Der Rohe, just to name a few. More than of re-editions, we should speak of unpublished projects brought to light through archives research, and thanks to the collaboration of the heirs of some of the architects who wrote the Codes of Modern Design. With its trait of essentiality and geometrical rigor, the collection offers a rich panorama of design masterpieces, that can either create timeless spaces with an essential look, or harmonize interiors characterized by heterogeneous details.
The second, Forme, gathers a number of contemporary projects with strong personality, and focuses on the aesthetics and flexibility of new lifestyles. The whole collection, which is characterized by astonishing forms and colours inspired by new trends, is directed by expert design professionals, but it also looks forward to the designers of the future, capable to combine new research methods with the immediacy of new ideas. It's the case of the new collection of seats Sogno (2014) designed by a team of the DIDA, Department of Architecture of the University of Florence and of the cabinet system MOVE (2015) designed by our art director Massimo Imparato.
Matrix has two souls in one body. Never in conflict, abetted by the same aim to the excellence and uniqueness of intelligent design.