New year New life

this time it’s not just an idiomatic expression.

A new chapter it’s just opening and it nothing regrets about the past 35 years.  It aims to look to the future market which - in constant evolution - presents always more and more specific needs.

The Cappelli family, already part of the staff and on the board of directors since Matrix's origins, is now leading the company and strongly thanks the former members and collaborators for their great commitment.

The Administrator is also keen to reassure everyone - customers and commercial partners - that production and quality standards have remained unchanged. No dislocations or use of raw materials that are not 100% Made in Italy.

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The craft soul of the company is the strong point from which to start again, the added value that will tell you a story. Matrix wants to transform your purchase into an experience to remember and communicate. Exactly for this reason the WhatsApp channel will soon be active on our websites  and .

The “MATRIX" of design, wishes everyone a fantastic 2020 and remains at your disposal…. even closer to your needs!

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