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Meet in Cucina Abruzzo | 6th Edition

Meet in Cucina Abruzzo is the congress of Abruzzo chefs conceived by Massimo Di Cintio and promoted in collaboration with Lorenzo Pace, president of the Regional Union of Abruzzo Chefs.

Today it has become the symbolic event of the revival of Abruzzo regional cuisine but not only.

After being declared by UNESCO as an Intangible Heritage of Humanity, Transhumance, which for centuries has moved herds, shepherds, economies and hearts from Abruzzo to Puglia, has been chosen as the theme of the sixth edition of Meet in Cucina Abruzzo; a long journey that brings with it the change, the human and cultural evolution of lands once arid and difficult to live; a seasonal movement that marked the time of families, nomadic shepherds and wives who remained to take care of the management of the house and the fields.

Matrix supports this prestigious initiative by presenting some of the most inconic products of its collection in the special exhibitor area.

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