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Thank you for visiting us in Milan

The heart of Brera and two among its most iconic destinations - Palazzo Cusani and San Carpoforo - have framed Matrix participation to "White in the City", one of the most successful events of Milan Design Week 2017. A charming Arabesk (see the video) has welcomed the guests of White Icons exhibition at Sala Radetzky, while Intreccio by Paolo Portoghesi was featured at  "White Well-Being" exhibition at San Carpoforo.
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Matrix products were also shown at Frida Isola, where the events organized by Source included "Obstacles & Solutions" an exhibition curated by Valia Barriello. 

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Thank you all for contributing with your participation to the success of these events! We will be back to you soon with the release of the 2017 edition of our catalogues.


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