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How will we seat together?

We are aware that even after the global emergency will be overcame, and when there will no longer be a need for having our masks worn up, some of the habits that we have adopted in the last months will last. We will be more attentive to respect other people personal space, and to safeguard our own.
"One of the things to consider when determining how much space an individual needs is to recognize that this distance is intentionally chosen by individuals based on factors like prior experiences, cultural backgrounds, and the kind of relationship they have with someone. For example, an individual might be comfortable being extremely close to a romantic partner, but may lean away when a work colleague gets too close. Being attentive to people’s boundaries can help give clues about a person’s personal preference for distance"(Psychology Today)

SOGNO modular seating system, Design DIDA

According to Proxemics, there are four types of distances that people tend to keep: intimate (0-18 inches), personal (18 inches to 4 feet), social (4-10 feet), and public (over 10 feet). Respecting these virtual boundaries is very relevant in the design of public spaces, but also in that of gathering areas where people moves, stands or seats. Although designers will consider the principles of proxemics, how people will manage to keeping their personal space non intruded? While if we are standing we have always the change to move if someone is coming too close, it is hard to do so while we are seating - and not willing to see rude. An useful solution can be offered by those seatings that define clearly the personal space thanks to the separation of the seats and of the backs.

SA34 Sectional Seating System, Design Eero Saarinen

Helping people to recognize and respect each other's space by softly emphasizing the boundaries of the "personal" can be a useful tool for making us more comfortable when we share a space or a task with someone we aren't familiar with. This is where  good design makes the difference.

CHANGE Adjustable Seating System, Design Massimo Imparato

For intimacy instead, no virtual barriers will be necessary :) See you soon!




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