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The ingredients for an exceptional event are food, creativity and design.


Invitation to a design dinner served with class.

The ingredients for an exceptional event are food, creativity and design.

On Monday March the 17th in the evocative location of the Cloisters of Saint Barnabus in Milan, Zoppi and Gallotti celebrated their thirty years of activity in the Milan gastronomical world. On that occasion the cuisine was accompanied with design: six designers turned chefs for the occasion and the dinner was served using a Matrix International classic design.

A team of Architects and designers,like Valia Barriello, Marco Ferreri, Enrico Lumini, Studio Mandalaki, Lorenzo Palmeri and Venesiano+Team, threw out pencil and paper for one evening, and took up pots and pans turning their creativity to edible products. It isn't the first time that creativity goes off the established rails to enter into the kitchen, since “food” has been studied ad experimented on at length by designers.

A good example of this was the exhibition “The food project, the shape of taste” by Beppe Finessi for the Mart of Rovereto, who through accurate reseach shows how a recipe is also a project. So we mustn't be surprised if the world of design and the world of food often blend. Infact before putting on their aprons, the designers studied and set up the components of decor that are a must in any kitchen.

Matrix International's BR49 Trolley by Marcel Breurer is a good example: The simplicity and elegance consistent with the design of Breuer's Trolley, make it ever up-to-date. Which is one of the reasons why this evergreen of Matrix International was chosen to complete the service set for the anniversary of the Milan Gastronomy in such a historic location. Taste and Class go hand in hand.